Special Thanks

The wonderful Skye built the backend for this website. The source can be found here under the GPL-3.0 license.

The incredible art used for the background of this site and our credits page was created by frogapples.

This site was built with Docker, jQuery, swup, normalize.css, portions of Tailwind CSS, and many hours of trial and error.

Countless Stack Overflow threads, Codepens, JSFiddles, Reddit posts, and many other informational sites helped make sure the site ended up (mostly) functional.

The main fonts used on this site are Orange Kid and JF Dot K14.
We use fonts by Sara Linsley, Apostrophic Labs, and many other foundries that bless us with free-for-commercial-use typefaces. Certain fonts we use may not be free. For those, we have acquired the proper license. A copy can be obtained by request using the contact methods found on the "contact" page.

A certain wonderful partner who's always there for comfort, encouragement, and cats was essential to this project.
You're the best.

The SSB community has been so supportive throughout the years. You're everything to us, we literally couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you so much.